Many people are starting their pupillages and training contracts tomorrow. When pupil-to-be Chloe Branton asked for some advice as to what to take in her bag to court the legal twiterrati were, as ever, generous in their advice.


Chloe Branton

I have just finished getting things ready for my first day of #pupillage. Can anyone think of anything that should go in my bag for court that you often forget or wouldn’t think to put in? Nervous but excited for my first day as a #family #pupil at Zenith Chamber


Snigdha, Girly Swot, Esquire
Pens, snack/s, extra layer of clothing (scarf/cardi), umbrella, emergency charger and cable, notebook. Have a great first day! Congratulations!

Jo M Cunningham

All the practical things mentioned if you’ve not already packed those & a fresh notebook 2 make lists – so that if you do find you cld of done with this or that, you can make note. Most of all relax – soak it up, & know they want you 2 do well. So take perspective

Simon Myerson QC
Ego massager & self-esteem stroker (pupil supervisor for use of), Awestruck expression. Spare black & red pens, highlighters (yellow + 1), sticky tabs, & as much flattery as your self-respect can stand. I never needed these things, obviously, but other supervisors seemed to
(((Miss_Shiv wants a velociraptor)))
Good luck. And your fellow barristers should be helpful if you get lost or don’t know where you should be or what you should be doing. Do they still do the handy guide to courts telling you where the best fry up is? Invaluable
Spare tights, change for parking, mini post-it’s, highlighters. Good luck!

Felicity McMahon
A scarf. Useful if cold, or if sat on uncomfortable court seats.

Leisha Bond
Post its and snacks. I carry oatcakes that come in little packs of about 5 :

Nutritious and taste nice. I recommend ginger ones. If u can’t grab lunch (this will happen a lot) you’ll be glad for them. Good luck.

Alexander Davenport
Bag of malteasers, a portable charger (not plug but little battery box) for phone, tissues, extra pens and a mandolin for

David Green
As a civil pupil, I needed toy cars – I did so many RTA small claims trials in those days and they always came in handy! They still live in a small forgotten corner of my briefcase, and occasionally cause amusement for the more assiduous court security officers

Jo Moore

Not until second six though! I have mine on my shelf still. One of them is a Delorean, which I used to use to represent my client’s car, ’til someone pointed out it might not epitomise safe and cautious driving.
David Green

“I put it to you that you WERE doing exactly 88mph”

John Bates

At the time of the accident… [cue Part 18 Request: Please clarify the point in the time-space continuum.]
Catherine Rowlands
Pens, more pens and post it not

Oliver Thorne
Painkillers, a snack, a spare notebook and two spare pens (for pupil supervisor as much as self

Jamie Hill
This all seems very sensible advice. Just bear in mind most of the contents of your court bag will be confiscated by security. Best of luck and enjoy!

Mena Ruparel
Painkillers, water water water

Christian Jowett
Hand sanitizer

Flat shoes & phone charger

Hand wipes


D Maxwell-Stewart
Jeez, how big a bag is poor Chloe going to have to take with all these suggestions‽


Trust your instinct with what to take, don’t worry too much and if you need something on the day, ask. What you learn from day 1, you take into day 2 etc.

D Maxwell-Stewart

And good luck! The whole profession really does stand behind all the pupils starting. Never forget: if you aren’t sure – ask. Someone will help.
Antony Bartholomeusz
Laptop charger, highlighter, small amount of cash for taxis, umbrella.

Paul Adams
Decent games on your phone when you are sitting around doing sod all waiting to get called on. And a charger. And the location of the nearest plug.
Laura Bailey
Another vote for hand sanitizer
Sarra Gravestock
Remove anything from your bag that you won’t get through security at court.
Snacks which you can have a bite off in a rush/sneakily (Grapes, nuts etc)- you never know what time lunch is! Good luck!


Lindsay Adams
If wearing tights…a spare pair. Good luck!

Dr Agata Fijalkowski
You will be great. I’ve a tiny lucky charm I try to remember to keep with me


not that you need these things!


Tissues, mints, perfume……
Hannah Townsend
Chocolate, any snacks


good luck


Clare Coles
Bottle of water and a snack (as you never know if / when you will get to eat or drink). Pens and notebook or laptop. Phone charger (not a plug one as you might not find a plug!) Nothing that will get confiscated at security (like perfume!) Good luck and welcome to the Bar!

Saira Shani
Good luck tomorrow!
Water and snacks!! Good luck


Jo Porter
Emergency chocolate!! Good luck!!

Blister plasters.

PJ Kirby QC

No-one’s mentioned hole punch. (Remembering things used to need – A-Z of London, change for phone, cigarettes for clients)

Pablo Von Helsing
Calculator. Never rely on your phone or iPad etc. A good calculator lasts far longer than batteries in expensive kit. And of course, a loo roll. Some courts seem to run out by 11am.