Cost Management Hearings and Form H: Blank Schedule

As mentioned in my earlier post Cost Management Hearings and Form H  some courts (and I do not know whether this is a national or local practice) direct that the claimant file a schedule/summary showing the parties’ individual claims on each head of damages in a manner easy to identify the differences.

Even if there is no such direction do this anyway.  It is a useful tool for the advocate. It shows where the major differences are. These will, invariably, be the major areas of dispute.

I have attached a link below to a blank schedule (in word format) which can easily be tailored to include details of the costs you will incur in the litigation and the costs included in each parties’ form H.

Cost Budget Summary Example

(BUT Remember this is an aide memoire only. I am not stating that this precedent is the document your court will require. You must read the directions carefully).


There is a useful comment from Melanie Vickers, costs lawyer, dealing with providing a comparison using excel.

“My local Court does not specifically direct this but I’ve adopted the practice of preparing a “Budget Comparison Sheet” and both the advocates and the DJs seem to find it extremely helpful. If the Form H is prepared on excel, the comparison/scott schedule is relatively easy to set up on a new sheet. Thank you for your extremely helpful blog.”