Huron Legal, in association with Zenith Chambers, are running an evening panel session on “E-Disclosure and Evidence for the 21st Century Litigator.”

It features, Chris Dale from the eDisclosure Information Project, Jonathan Maas from Huron and me. It lasts for two hours and (fellow Yorkshire residents note) it is free. Further there are drinks and a reception afterwards.

Details are below (at the time of first writing the link to  book Is not yet working, however I will put the link on as soon as it becomes available. The aim of this post is to persuade you to keep the date free in your diary.)

To register on the course click here 

Join Huron Legal in conjuction with Zenith Chambers for a panel discussion on 20 October in central Leeds:

Documents Win Cases!
E-Disclosure and Evidence for the 21st Century Litigator

It’s not just hard copy documents that win cases. This interactive panel will focus on why a detailed knowledge of e-disclosure and evidence are essential to the 21st century litigator.

The modern litigator cannot hope to survive without either a detailed knowledge of the rules relating to e-disclosure and civil evidence or access to someone with that detailed knowledge. Recent cases, such as Smailes-v-McNally, have shown that a failure to comply with the rules can lead to the striking-out of even the most complex high value cases. It is also increasingly apparent that the Courts expect those appearing before them to have this knowledge regardless of the complexity or value of the cases they are defending. Three of the most well-known speakers in this field will outline the key elements of e-disclosure, evidence, and its practical impact upon litigation and litigators.

During this panel, you will learn how to:

  • Understand the accessibility of electronic evidence.
  • Minimise the perceived cost of dealing with electronic evidence.
  • Reduce the number of documents when there is concern about the volume.
  • Engage in conversations with the Court and opposing parties about proportionality.
  • Identify whether witness evidence is central or peripheral to modern litigation.
  • Understand and appreciate the interrelationship between witness evidence and documents.
  • Assess whether your witness is credible, as well as, recognize the lack of credibility in your opponents’ witnesses.

2 hours CPD.

Networking reception to follow this interactive panel discussion.

20 October
4:00PM – Panel Discussion
6:00PM – Networking Reception

Park Plaza Leeds
Boar Lane
LS1 5NS Leeds, United Kingdom

Chris Dale, eDisclosure Information Project

Gordon Exall, Barrister

Jonathan Maas, Huron Legal

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