Complaints about listing continue. Some are put as comments to the original post on this blog, some use the #courtlisting  hashtag on Twitter.  This is just a flavour of complaints in the last week.

Three months to acknowledge receipt of letter

Court Service 2018: 3.11.17 – Application to CLCC to set aside Order made by Judge alone (no parties present).

13.3.18 – letter from CLCC confirming application has been received and sent to a Judge ‘for direction’.

Over “four months” to simply acknowledge receipt

Moving trial venue

just had Wednesday’s listing in Exeter moved to Plymouth. Not just an hour further away each way, but hotel booked and family arrangements made which will all have to be changed. Seems so thoughtless.

Prisoner produced late

1030h Southwark listing for 5day POCA.

1510h defendant produced from prison. Quick conference, into court.

Adj at 1625h. 1630h cells closed.

Court losing papers

e davison ·

FT trial at Wakefield County Court. Was vacated and relisted for 2 weeks’ time. Upon calling to check that they had retained the Bundles, discovered they had not. A fresh set had to be put together and sent over. Each Bundle was over 1000 pages. Additional cost of man hours, stationery and courier fees not recoverable.On the plus side, Wakefield are much easier to get hold of on the phone than many other Courts.

Chasing court for new trial date


Clerkenwell County Court. Civil case listed for hearing last July. Defs made application for relief. Court listed the application for hearing after the trial date (ie August). Court vacated the hearing on morning (all parties in attendance), due to over listing. Court then heard the Defendant’s application in August. Chased constantly for new hearing date to be advised that the case was closed on court file and concluded at the hearing in August. Repeated calls/e mails and letter to the Senior Clerk. Phoned the court to check if the DJ had read the letter, only to be informed that the case was listed for trial in 1 week time. As at 3 days prior to trial, no order has been received to confirm the date.