The Legal Christmas Music contest has now closed.  The entries have been on a high standard, we are awaiting a reserved judgment from the experienced judging panel.



This year we were looking for the best title for a band (orchestra, choir,  or musical ensemble of any kind) made up of lawyers.  If you can get a Christmas theme in as well, all the better.


There are no objective criteria (so far as I can tell).  No form of entry has preference over another. All bets are off (or on). There is everything to play for.

I’m hoping to pass off the job of judging to a real live judge and some specialist assistants. They will have to remain anonymous to avoid any risk of lobbying, unnecessary skeleton arguments etc.


The winner will get a specially designed T-Short “Legal Christmas Song Winner 2018” – with the winning title emblazoned on the front.


The judges’ decision will be final. No system of appeal exists.  If you lose you can (and indeed must) complain on Twitter (or in the comments section below) that you were robbed. That will be your sole legal remedy.


The Flaming LIPs

Rudolph’s Red Amendments
I give you…The Four Tenners (and £6.50 in loose change)!

 My entry is *Magna Carta* because no group of lawyers would be daft enough to use that as part of a legal case.

Sly and The Family Practice

The Lex Pistols

Wig Wham Band (Gonna Make You My Judge). Guns ‘n Mandatory 5 Year Sentences KC and the High Cost Band The Pleas

So have come up with a few: Santa’s little litigators

Jolly Holly Lawyers The Three Wise Magistrates The Jingle Barristers Jack Frost’s Fee Earners We donate to our local food banks each month, as well as our Sunday morning homeless initiative?

LL Cool J Which anyone into hip hop knows stands for “Lawyers Love Cool Judges”.

Lex Zeppelin Deep Purple Judge

The pregnant denials

Melaine Nash

Diana Ross and the Supreme Court Judges

File-e Minogue

Billy Lading and the Charterparties




Jonathan Frith

Fleetwood Mac-Enzie Friend!

Pink Tape and the Briefs – I’ll get my coat (and head to the Foodbank).

De minimas

Musical Youth Offenders

The Legal Maxims

LiPs & the Pink Ribbons

Enemies of the People with The End of Innocence

Musical Youth Offenders

Big Fee and the Refreshers

I’ve thought way too much about this & post only these! Siouxsie and the Garnishees – Motley Sue – Full & Frank Zappa – Protocol Harum – Kings of Lien – Ike & Tina Fee-Earner – Run-C.M.C. – Kaiser Briefs – Weird Al Frankovich – Lexis Midnight Runners

Ian Jury and the Dock-heads Alison Moiety Bill Haley and the [judicial] Comity

Never Mind The Carbolics (Might as well be) Banned (Legal) Aid

suggestions for lawyers bands – The Brief Boys, Torts for Fears and Orchestral Malfeasance in the Dark donated to local food bank.

The Indemnity Bassists

1. Always look on the bright side of life sentence or 2. Robe Rage

Maybe ….. Lord Harley (of counsel) and the Festive Briefs …

Names for bands with a legal and or Christmas twist – Our Xmas party came up with Cofacabana. Colp-play. Black eyed pleas. AC De-Cree Absolute. Writ Christmas

our entries are: Red Hot Chilli Precedents, High Courteeners and The Three Decrees. Donation made.

All I want for Christmas is EU

 My entry is *Magna Carta* because no group of lawyers would be daft enough to use that as part of a legal case.

Rudolph’s Red Amendments

‘Electronic Disclosure’ ? they could do a cover of ‘Christmas Time (don’t let the bills end)’ by the Darkness… ????