Why anyone chose a Saturday as the implementation date for new rules may be a mystery.  Nevertheless new rules are in force from tomorrow.   Two crucial items: court bundles and writing directly to the court have already been looked at.  This is a brief post to help you remember the rules have changed and gives you a link to the Statutory Instrument that does the changing.

The Civil Procedure (Amendment) Rules 2019


  1. There are changes to the rules relating to costs, litigation friends and protected parties.
  2. New rules govern the “public element” of telephone hearings.
  3. New rules curtailing unilateral communications with the court.
  4. New rules governing discontinuance and settlement.
  5. There are changes to the Admiralty Rules .
39.10.(1)  Where a claim is discontinued or settled after a date for the trial or trial window (the period during which it is expected that the trial will take place) has been fixed, the parties must ensure that the listing officer for the trial court is notified immediately.
(2) If an order is drawn up giving effect to the discontinuance or settlement, a copy of the order should be filed with the listing officer.


As we have already seen the new Practice Direction dictates double sided printing.   A question has arisen as to whether this just applies to trials. The rules refer to the “trial bundle” the sub-heading refers to Agreed Bundles for Hearings”.