Christmas can be a time of great stress as well as great joy.  The stresses for litigators can be just as great, working to deadlines which are not Christmas or family friendly.  Add to this the problems of the office being shut and Santa’s elves not really being able to help with the workload.  Here is some help from the lawyers of Twitter and links to online assistance.


“Remember, we don’t plan to fail, we fail to plan; and this year I am planning for a healthy, safe and relatively stress-free Christmas. How about you?”

(Thirteen tips to help you survive Christmas)


A few people on Twitter responded to a request for advice.

Rawdon Crozier.

Don’t work. Take enough time off beforehand so you don’t go into the New Year worrying about last year’s undone admin. (If only I could take my own advice! Physician heal thyself – mutatis mutandis).

Jo Cunningham

Remember it’s ONLY 24/48 hrs. If you’ve 4gotten the cream no 1 will starve! If you’re grieving take it hour by hour & sink in2 non Christmas movies etc (Have them ready 2 distract) u don’t have 2 celebrate socialise the whole time/at all. No one can judge
Set limits on work times & make sure u can filter or have a different number 4 those u want 2 hear from – U have 2 have that break! Reach out even if u know it involves a sorry, there’s not a better time 2 try 2 heal a rift – New Year brings a prompt 2 make better choices & times

Karen McAtamney

Set effective boundaries with clients around work that can properly wait until after Christmas. Work out your strategy for actually urgent work over Christmas/ new year. Know the impact of bank holidays on deadlines in your field.


I think it is all about setting realistic expectations. Block out time in your diary to get stuff done rather than ramming in more appointments. Don’t go to Christmas dos you don’t want to go to. Take help that is offered & if it’s not offered ask for it.



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