I have, ironically, been planning to write on remote working for some time.  The post was going to be in the “well being” series and, among other things, deal with issues like social isolation when working from home.  Now, of course, social isolation is being forced upon us and working from home is becoming widespread.   People are already putting up useful guidance on remote working in these difficult times, it is important that these are shared.


Smith Law Group wrote a post yesterday  Law Firms Working Remotely During the Coronavirus Shutdown

This provides very detailed advice on hardware, software, digitizing files and troubleshooting tech problems.


Texas Young Lawyers Association (Jefferson W. Fisher) writes Pandemically challenged: teleworking in COVID-19 and what you need to know


Legal Talk Network has an article Remote Work – Keep America Moving

This, in turn has a link to an open document with many useful links on it.   The plan is to keep this updated and they have invited additional posts. It is worthwhile looking at this regularly.

Evolve the Law Take Your Legal Department Remote Tomorrow

Embrace flexibility and grace. This arrangement isn’t forever. You and your Legal Department will learn along the way. If you can remain committed to delivering excellent legal service, but stay flexible in the manner with which that’s done, chances are your team will rise to the occasion – and come back with new ideas and innovations you can put in place in non-crisis times.”

Law.Com  The Pressures Facing Firms as The Industry Shifts to Remote-Working


The Nasstarian  Working Remotely as a Lawyer


Harvard Business Review Coronavirus Could Force Teams to Work Remotely

IOSH Managing Remote Working 

People Management – The dos and dont’s of remote working.

Zapier – Guide to Working Remotely 

The Health and Safety Executive guidance on Lone Workers

techradar Remote working & COVID-19: 5 things companies need to consider before employees work from home

npr 8 Tips To Make Working From Home Work For You