Again I have used the media of Twitter to get “low tech” advice for working at home.  Your ironing board has more uses than one.

Emma Bower (@EmmaMcBower) 
I’d say keeping a normal routine of getting up,  washed, dressed and coffee/tea/brekkie. If you’re sharing your living room, have a little morning chat with your partner or housemates outlining any important calls so you’re prepared if you need to use the bedroom or kitchen
Also an ironing board can make a good standing desk/controlled height desk
Dr C L Spillard (@CandiSpillard) 
I get dressed as if I’m going to work – it seems to help.
Also the boss has organised 9:00 am chat (on Teams) every day so we keep used to working normal hours. It’s almost like being with the guys.
I swiped a laptop-stand from work at the last minute – my papers lie underneath it & the lap-top goes on top. Saves room on my desk.
Kelsey, a case (@KelseyFarish)
My husband and I both do a fair amount of calls: some internal with colleagues, but also with clients, obviously. We have brightly coloured post-it notes with “ON AIR” that we place on top of our monitors when we are on client calls…
.. To convey that it’s really important for the other person in the room to be quiet &/or avoid coming into the camera view.
I’m lucky enough to have a dedicated home office with a proper set up: nothing else is in there, except for the guest bed. To keep our sanity, the husband and I only go in there when we are “at” work. No lounging, no meals. When we relax or eat, we do so out of the office…
… Otherwise, work and home would blend together, and we feel separation between the two is essential these days. We even ask each other, as before covid 19, “what train will you be on?” (When are you going”into” the office)
Andy Horton (@fechtbuch)
Stack books or whatever under laptops to put them at a comfortable working height.
Adam Banks (@adambanksdotcom)
Try to avoid using a laptop all day – it’s impossible to get both keyboard and screen in the right position. Ideally plug in an external monitor with a fully adjustable stand ( recommended). If not, put laptop on a high stand and use an external keyboard
Jonathan Head (@jonathan_head1)
I’ve found keeping up with exercise valuable. The PE chap on YouTube with the kids in the morning is great, as is walking the dog (once a day!)
Doug Conaty (@DougConaty)
Use your manufacturer supplied headphones with mic or aftermarket ones with your mobile phone. Saves juggling mobile and allows hands free typing. And stops ear getting radiated
Sounds obvs but some won’t be used to it
Andrew Turner (@stoneclip)
And if you have AirPods or some similar wireless equiv even better as the wires don’t get in your way as you are moving (or if you suddenly stand up and forget you have them in)
Nikki Ann James (@NikkiAnnJames1)
Use the ‘read aloud’ function if you have Word. Just click on the ‘review’ tab at the top of the screen. Then look down and to the left. It is very helpful and takes the pressure off the eyes.
Hattie the Otter (@HattieOtter)
I was going to suggest laptop on a box, but seems you have that sussed! She struggles to remember to move if She gets absorbed, so has a little free program called workrave installed which gives you a gentle reminder to wriggle now and again.
Moley the Mole (@MoleyMole01)
You can avoid long haul flight syndrome and give your cardiovascular system a good workout from the comfort of your own desk (or monastic study carrel). The Under Desk Cycle is ideal for weeks of indoor self-isolation.
Nick Jackson (@NickJacks0n)
If your router is disconnecting over WiFi despite restarting, try connecting via an ethernet cable for a more reliable connection
Having something to hold physical documents next to the screen you are working on can be helpful
A USB switch can allow peripherals (eg keyboard) be swapped. This can be useful when you are working from a Pc but someone else wants to connect a laptop to the USB devices
A USB hub can a) give you more USB ports where they are lacking on your computer b) make accessing USB ports easier (for instance if you have a pc on the floor)
Andrew Turner (@stoneclip)
Further to this, if you are struggling for wired network ports on your router, a network switch is less than £15 on amazon and will open up more ports for you … like a bank of plug sockets
A router only has so many sockets – usually 4 that you can plug network cables into.  A switch uses one of these sockets and splits it into more – you can also run one cable from the back of the router to a different room and then have more sockets off that one using a switch 1/2
TP-Link TL-SG1005D 5-Port Desktop Gigabit Ethernet Switch/Hub, Network Splitter, Plug and play, Plastic Case
For example will do the trick