Inevitably guidance from the QBD  on the impact of coronavirus has come in stages.  The six  Bulletins are summarised below, together with links to the each guidance.

Queen’s Bench guidance: This update explains the steps that are being taken in order to deal with court business in the most efficient way possible. There is also guidance which must be followed in respect of electronic bundles.

Queen’s Bench guidance – Bulletin 2: All hearings are to be conducted by telephone conference or by Skype. You should let the Master know if an agreement is reached to adjourn any listed hearing because it is not urgent and you would prefer it to be listed in court. The update also advises that you should not rely on electronic filing alone to ensure that a document reaches the Master for a hearing and you should email the Master directly. The previous instructions regarding electronic bundles should be followed.

Queen’s Bench guidance – Bulletin 3: Court users are updated that ‘Practice Direction 51ZA – Extension of Time Limits and Clarification of Practice Direction 51Y – Coronavirus’ has now been published. This update also clarifies the position on electronic signatures; all documents signed with electronic signatures will be accepted, but documents that are unsigned will not be accepted.

Queen’s Bench guidance – Bulletin 4: This update deals with the electronic process for deposits into the Court Funds Office. Payments out of the Court Funds Office can also be done electronically.

Queen’s Bench guidance – Interim Applications Court:  The Interim Applications Court is closed and interim applications should continue to be sent by professional court users via CE-File. The steps to be taken when the application cannot be sent via CE-File are given.

Queen’s Bench guidance – Bulletin 5: Here guidance is given regarding service of court documents, requests for taking of evidence from foreign courts and registration of foreign judgments.

Queen’s Bench guidance – Bulletin 6.   

This guidance deals with the amendments to Practice Direction 51Z which allows some actions for possession to proceed.

  1. Guidance on the procedure for claims against trespassers.

  2. Applications for an Interim Possession Order.

  3. An application for case management directions agreed by all parties.