There has been a whole host of information relating to the practical operation of courts and tribunals.  I am grateful to the barristers at 4-5 Gray’s Inn Square for sending me details of their collection and collation of this material. It will be updated regularly.



The junior barristers at 4-5 Gray’s Inn Square have compiled a list of practical guidance concerning the operation of Courts and Tribunals.

This is accurate to the best of their knowledge as at 14:30 on 24 April 2020 and will be updated accordingly during the coming weeks.

Please click here to view the live guidance. You can also view the Practice Direction Amendments here.


General Guidance for Civil Court Users 5
Crime 6
Family 7
Civil 7
Tribunals 7
Royal Courts of Justice 8
Judicial announcements 9
Civil Court Listing Priorities 10
Information for all Court and Tribunal Users 12
Guidance on remote hearings 11
Contents 11
Civil and Family Courts 16
Review of court arrangements due to COVID-19, message from the Lord Chief Justice
Remote Costs Hearings Guidance 14
Judges’ and Members’ Presidential Administrative Instruction 15
Procedure Rules & Protocols 15
Civil Justice in England and Wales: Protocol Regarding Remote Hearings 15
Civil Procedure Rules, Practice Direction 51Z 15
Civil Procedure Rules, Practice Direction 51Y 16
Civil Procedure Rules, Practice Direction 51ZA 17
Replacement of affidavits with statements of truth in non-contentious probate
processes 18
Temporary Amendments to the Practice Guidance on Case Management and
Mediation of International Child Abduction Proceedings 19
Pilot Practice Direction: Video/Audio Hearings in the First-Tier Tribunal and the
Upper Tribunal 20
Guidance for specific courts & tribunals 21
Queen’s Bench Division 21
Family Court 30
Consultation on remote hearings in the Family Court 38
Temporary Amendments to the Practice Guidance on Case Management and
Mediation of International Child Abduction Proceedings 38
Insolvency and Companies List (Chancery Division) – Winding Up List 39
Protocol for Insolvency and Company Work at Central London County Court 40
Court of Protection 41
Administrative Court 43
Administrative Court – Applications for Immediate/Urgent Consideration 43
Administrative Court – Guidance for non-urgent cases 45
High Court Business 47
High Court and Court of Appeal 49
Court of Appeal 49
First-Tier Tribunal and Upper Tribunal 51
Practice Direction Property Chamber, First-tier Tribunal Lodging Applications and
Documents by Email And Areas in the Property Chamber 52
First-Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) 52
First Tier Tribunal Tax Chamber 54
The First Tier Tribunal (War Pensions and Armed Forces Compensation Chamber)
Health, Education & Social Care Chamber (First-Tier Tribunal) 62
Social Entitlement Chamber (First-Tier Tribunal) 63
Health, Education and Social Care Chamber of the First-Tier Tribunal (Mental
Health) 67
The First-Tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) 71
General Regulatory Chamber (First-Tier) 75
Upper Tribunal Lands Chamber 77
Upper Tribunal Administrative Appeals Chamber 80
Upper Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) 85
Judicial Review applications to the Upper Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum
Chamber) that require urgent or immediate consideration (Form T483) 85
Employment Tribunal 86
Employment Appeal Tribunal 89
Planning Inspectorate Guidance 93
HMCTS Guidance: Closure of Counters in the QBD and Court of Appeal 94
RCJ Fees Office 95
Guidance for specific Courts and Tribunals 95
Birmingham High Court and County Court 95
Royal Courts of Justice 99
Central London 100
Clerkenwell & Shoreditch 100
Wandsworth 100
Central London Employment Tribunal 100

Guidance for Barristers 100

The Bar Council 100.