The next member of our club is Morayo Fagborun Bennett a barrister at Hardwicke.  She recently lost her home office as it became a bedroom for her youngest child. This couldn’t have happened at a better time…


Where are you working from now?


Just before the pandemic I had converted my home office into a toddler bedroom for my youngest child. I am now on my 4th room in the house and I think I have now found the perfect space as I have taken over the whole living room!


What has been most difficult about working remotely.


I have always worked from home but this is a rather extreme form of flexible working, locked down with all the family on the premises with the family queuing up for my attention. Also, with everyone at home, we now have wifi provided by 3 separate providers!



What has been your biggest technical challenge?


After a fortnight of wrestling to tame the various online platforms, green screen, 3 monitors, a webcam and a microphone, I’m finally good to go!


Is there anything (work wise) that you wish you had with you?


I miss seeing colleagues, especially my wonderful roommates. It is not quite the same over Zoom or Teams.



What has been the most helpful thing you’ve learned.


That we can be more inclusive by automatically providing a remote option for meetings, seminars and other gatherings. This will still be very valuable after lockdown.



Do you think this is going to change the way you work in the future?


I may end up going to Chambers more, to escape from the family.


What is the first thing you are going to do when you are out of lockdown?


Walk down to the local park and let my toddler run round and play with friends, whilst I picnic, possibly with a glass of wine.