I am keen we have as wide a geographical spread of members as possible, so the next member is based in Wales.  Cenric Clement-Evans, solicitor, lecturer and campaigner, based in Cardiff.


  1. Where are you working from now?

I was already working from home for 2 days every week, so anywhere really with my laptop but especially in the bedroom as I can look out on the view and sometimes watch the birds. (But don’t tell anyone!)

  1. What has been most difficult about working remotely.

My family, which has also been the best thing as well! They keep charging in and disturbing me, not realising that I am a very busy and important person. We have probably (untested) had COVID-19 visit us. My son works in a supermarket before disappearing off to do his Masters in September, so it was probably inevitable. It was a difficult and worrying time, but we have been extraordinarily fortunate.  I did carry on working but it changed all priorities.

  1. What has been your biggest technical challenge?

I spent more on my broadband some time ago, so we have great access throughout the house, (plus no-one moans anymore about streaming issues). My firm has been very well prepared so I was able transition seamlessly, and access everything I need. I never thought that I would be thankful that we had Proclaim rolled out last September! My only technical issue has therefore being unable to access my works laptop, so no digital dictation!

  1. Is there anything (work wise) that you wish you had with you?

As a disease lawyer, you cannot persuade me (yet!) that we don’t need access to physical documents, when putting together a case. A colleague has kindly dropped off a few lever arch files on one case, so I am going to have hours of fun. I could also, occasionally, probably do with a monitor as a second screen.

  1. What has been the most helpful thing you’ve learned.

It has reminded me that however bad things seem for me, it is far worse for others. I worry for many of my clients who are either working in healthcare or have compromised immune systems, particularly respiratory issues. I certainly won’t stop campaigning after this. I have also learnt what the inside of my sigmoid colon looks like on a big screen. It is a thing of great beauty!

  1. Do you think this is going to change the way you work in the future?

I would like to work more at home. I don’t miss the open plan office! I am more productive and better able to organise myself. I am accessible to my clients (although I do miss meeting them face to face) who are patched through to my mobile. I am trying to work “smarter” and work less hours, which is assisted by no travelling! I am also getting out for a daily walk, usually with camera and/or binoculars in hand. My favourite photo so far is probably of the huge spider in the outside toilet. My dad’s macro lens is brilliant and he is not getting it back

7. What is the first thing you are going to do when you are out of lockdown?

I am looking forward to a couple of pints with friends and also to seeing my 82 year old dad in North Wales. He lives in the village of Cilcain at the foot of Moel Famau.  I last saw him on the weekend of Storm Dennis, and fractured a rib whilst I was there, which sent me on a whole new journey! I am also going to take a long coastal walk with my wife. We had booked to go to Pembrokeshire intent on going to Skomer to see the puffins. They will be there next year!