The Virtual Workspace: 50 Tips for Effective Video Conferencing: BOOK REVIEW – “BUY” IT QUICKLY…

Andrew King’s book is a testament to the speed at which it is possible for lawyers to act. Just over a fortnight ago Andrew wrote a thread on Twitter setting out his experience of being involved in a virtual trial, this quickly turned into a short article on his firm’s website and a guest post on this blog.  Now it is a full blown ebook available on Amazon.  What is more the book is free for the first week, all proceeds thereafter are donated to NHS Charities Together.


Following prefaces from the Secret Barrister, Richard Susskind, Susan Acland-Hood and, er, me the book offers fifty tips for Effective Video Conferencing.  These range from testing the need to test the set up to the highly practical; “make sure nobody walks in during your hearing”; “remember your pets”, “get some fresh air during the lunch break”.


Since this book is going to sell itself I don’t want to take up too much of your time. The book is brilliant, it is obviously a bargain. .   I can only repeat what I wrote in the preface:-

“One thing that the past month has shown is that the legal community, or certain parts of it, has the ability to act with speed and adapt remarkably quickly to the problems caused by remote hearings and remote working.  The past month has also shown a remarkable generosity of spirit within the profession, with people sharing information and guidance on all the issues affecting litigators during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Andrew’s book is very much part of that spirit of generosity.  It does that wonderful trick of passing on  the benefit of (hard won) experience so as to both help the reader and prevent problems and mistakes.   Anyone involved in litigation (litigator, client or judge) will benefit from reading it.


Andrew’s decision to donate the proceeds to NHS charities is also part of that spirit of generosity. I would think that anyone who gets a copy in the first week would like to donate to NHS Charities Together in any event.  As a gentle help the link to do so is here

Details of how to obtain the book from Amazon are available here.