The courts are, gradually, re-opening.  Civil and criminal hearings are taking place.  We have to trust that steps are being taken to protect our health. I asked on Twitter for advice that people had in relation to getting to, and being at, court safely.  Some replies are serious, some less so, but welcome nonetheless.  In addition there are useful links for taking care of yourself when out and about in the pandemic.

image.png #FairFitness/JamesHope @JamesHopeThomp1
[choose a mask] doesn’t have a valve, as they don’t stop aerosol risk as much. Based on experience here in Thailand I recommend simple cotton ones, easy to talk through clearly, or better still transparent visors (or even both)
image.png Nικος Ξυδιας Greekbluenose
Don’t try and high-five the judge if things go your way.
image.png Mel clarke @Bramptonmel
If there is a window in court, and it is shut, open it (or ask usher to do so). The better the airflow, the safer
If you see anything that concerns you (no paper towels in public loos, empty hand sanitiser) please tell someone. It will be sorted but only if staff know about it.
Loos are apparently high risk because of aerosolisation of virus (yuck). Wait until the public loos are empty before using yourself.
Bring your own filled water bottle – no carafes in court any more
Any major concerns (too many people in public waiting areas, any processes you see which you think are unsafe) please send an email to the court manager. If it is in writing it will be followed up.
Download a scanning app onto your phone (eg CamScanner) so if you/lit in person on other side needs to show the judge a new doc, you can scan and email the judge using your camera phone. Can’t hand up docs. I can’t promise security won’t be twitchy, as it is their job to ensure no photography in court precincts. I would suggest you do it in the courtroom after asking the judge if you can use your phone to scan a document.
Courts are now very regularly cleaned but you may feel happier if you bring a pack of antibacterial  wipes to wipe down your bench and lectern when you arrive (and before you go!)
Dettol antibacterial wipes also kill covid 19 and other viruses.
But yes, don’t bring wipes that don’t!