Working from home can be a lonely experience. This can be tough, particularly in the winter months.  In the second in this series we  look at some of the helpful guidance that is available for dealing with issues relating to loneliness in general, and then lawyers in particular.


“Here’s the thing: physical distancing – or working remotely – doesn’t have to equal loneliness”

“Whether people at your company use a shared internal wiki or instant messaging for day-to-day communication, use that system to join or form groups where you can communicate socially with your team members, no matter where they’re located.”
“Here’s the thing: physical distancing – or working remotely – doesn’t have to equal loneliness! A certain degree of work from home loneliness is normal from time to time, but this is far from saying remote work causes loneliness.”
“To combat isolation, employers have instigated virtual meetups, such as online happy hours, talent competitions and quizzes.”
“Self-confidence is key to successful home-based working of any stripe, as is knowing how to communicate clearly (so your distant bosses and colleagues know what you are up to), learning to work consistently (in the absence of feedback you might otherwise receive in an office environment) and, crucially, recognising when you need to go for a walk, work out or otherwise just take a break.”
“Let’s face it, your home office is a lonely environment. In this video, Jo looks at some simple habits and techniques to feel more connected while working from home so that we can all adopt to alleviate the feeling of isolation while working remotely.”
“It’s all about being proactive. Socializing takes a little bit more effort these days. Aim to set up virtual coffee breaks or social calls just to catch up with your colleagues. Shoot them an encouraging note on Slack or ask about their weekend plans to help feel more connected.”
“One of the biggest struggles I’ve found with working remotely is the lack of feeling like I’m a part of something that’s bigger than myself. When I worked in a traditional office setting, there was this sense of collaboration and helping people that I wasn’t getting working at home.”


“Even having an animal to keep you company can help with feelings of loneliness. Animals have been proven to relieve signs of stress and depression in humans. And don’t think you need to adopt a highly dependent pet like a dog; you can always opt for a more low maintenance animal like a cat or a fish if you aren’t up for taking care of a more hands-on pet.”


“In many places these days you can’t meet a friend for coffee because restaurants and coffee shops are shut down. But there’s a better and healthier way to get together: Ask your friend to meet you for a walk. “


“In order for a lawyer to find ways to overcome their loneliness, they need to first understand that everyone deals with loneliness sometime in their life.”
“Lawyers are the loneliest of all professionals. Social support is critical to well-being, so don’t wait to focus on finding connection.”
“Friends and loved ones are essential to well-being. Even though they might not completely understand the work you do or the burden you carry, having a caring outside perspective on your stress is extremely helpful. Not to mention that friends and loved ones probably like to do non-work-related activities with you, which are essential for your overall well-being and connection with others.”