A survey is taking place in relation to facilities at the Business and Property Courts in Leeds. The closing date is 29th January 2021.



Leeds is a core commercial hub and the biggest legal centre outside London. We want to canvas opinion from practitioners about the current facilities for the Business and Property Courts (BPCs) in Leeds and what practitioners and their clients require to reflect the high quality of work done and legal services provided in the area.  We are keen to understand the experiences of practitioners and their clients using the BPCs in Leeds and their views of what might be done to improve the facilities.

We invite (and strongly encourage) you to complete the survey attached to this email and to provide your detailed input by way of comments in the appropriate places. Your responses will be used on an anonymised basis to inform and support any proposals for improved facilities. We also ask you forward the survey to any other practitioners you know who may also like to comment.

The Honourable Mr. Justice Snowden, Vice-Chancellor and Supervising Judge for the BPCs on the North Eastern Circuit

Richard Wright QC, Leader of the North Eastern Circuit

Nicholas Emmerson, President of Leeds Law Society

The Survey

This questionnaire is aimed at finding out how the Leeds Combined Courts and Cloth Hall Court are performing on a practical level, understanding any day to day issues faced by practitioners and understanding what facilities practitioners would like be made available to them. The results of this questionnaire may be used in developing and putting forward proposals for new facilities but in an anonymised format – no names will be provided.

The questionnaire should take no more a few minutes to complete and allows you to input any more detailed comments you may have. If you have any other points you would like to raise, please contact or

Click here to take the survey.

The questionnaire will close on 29 January 2021.”