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  1. Alan Robertshaw
    Alan Robertshaw · July 28, 2021 at 12:42:02 · →

    I can empathise with the comment about “not expecting to have been at court today”.

    I have on a couple of occasions appeared in court in my ‘civvies’.

    Once when I received a call asking if I could cover a warrant. As it happened I was very near the relevant court, so I popped in and explained to the usher that I would be back as soon as I’d gone home to put a suit on. She relayed that information to the DJ, who sent a message saying that as it was Friday afternoon he was more than happy to hear me in my shorts and T-shirt.

    Similarly I once called into a court to see a prosector about an upcoming case. I was told they had decided to offer no evidence. Rather than all come back the next day, we went into court. Again I was in my scruff. I tried to be anonymous and sat right at the back of the court. But the judge asked why “Mr Robertshaw is lurking back there” and made me come forward. I dd apologise for my dress and he was quite understanding.

    I do wear appropriate clothing most of the time I should stress.

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