I had always planned to write a tribute following the untimely death of  solicitor Jonathan Bamforth. However, as you can see below, his colleagues have written far better than I could ever have done. I will write a few personal memories only, his colleagues have described him personally and socially.

Jonathan Bamforth


I knew Jonathan from when he was a teenager.  He came in over the school holidays to work at the firm of solicitors where I was training. In the 38 years that I knew him I honestly don’t think he changed a bit – in personality or temperament.  Always lovely and a joy to be around.  As a youngster he cheerfully took on all the onerous tasks he was given, without complaint.  He proved to be adept at dealing with technology from an early stage (he was the only person who knew how to operate the new fanged fax machine).  He kept visiting throughout his university and law school years.

Over the years we kept in touch.  My band played his 40th birthday party (where Johnnie B. Goode was a mandatory number on the set list). He was in his element surrounded by friends and a loving family.

Although he was an excellent lawyer his life consisted of far more than law. We were once involved in a case that involved numerous lengthy car journeys to the East Midlands and, in all those journeys, never talked about law once.  Sport and family, in particular being a father, figured heavily.

Jonathan was a keen golfer, when we spoke last year he measured his health condition by how many holes he could play.  He was also a keen cook.  He once rang me to tell me that a very foodie restaurant had opened in my village, “we must go” he said. And go we did, with Johnnie pairing the wine and enjoying every element of it.

I say he never changed. He was always a joy to be with. Like his father, Roger, he was one of natures gentlemen. By which I mean gentle and lovely to know.

A few years back, by coincidence, started chatting to his supervisor during a break at an APIL conference.  He explained  “Jonathan doesn’t need supervising. Everybody loves him.  The clients love him, his colleagues love him, even the defendant’s love him.”   This was due to Jonathan’s nature,  even as a teenager he was sensible, mature and had excellent judgment in his dealing with everything.  He blossomed in the legal profession as he got older. It is a pleasure to read of the help and guidance he gave his colleagues. We are all poorer without him.



As I have said his colleagues here say everything that could be said.  I am grateful for the grant of permission to repeat it.

“It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of our much-loved friend and valued colleague Jonathan Bamforth on 23rd January, following a courageous battle against cancer.
Jonathan has been an integral part of our serious injury team since joining Minster Law in 2009. His contribution to our business and the customers we serve is impossible to overstate, playing a pivotal role in creating and shaping what has become one of the most successful serious injury teams in the UK.
A wonderfully kind and modest man, Jonathan was selfless in his pursuit of helping others. His dedication to his clients, who represented individuals and families devastated by catastrophic injury, was unparalleled, acting not only as their legal representative but in equal measure as a trusted counsellor, sage and most of all, a friend in their time of need.
His physical and intellectual stature belied a gentle giant of a man, who passionately believed in making other people’s lives better. As a mentor for many of our aspiring colleagues, Jonathan was always there to offer advice, guidance, and support on their journey of personal development.
To mark his contribution to our business, we invited some of his closest colleagues to talk about the difference Jonathan made in their lives.
“Mr B, as I have always referred to Jonathan, was a respected colleague who became a trusted mentor and most importantly a valued friend. I have spent almost the entirety of my legal career working with him. He has been instrumental in shaping my career and was always someone I trusted implicitly for sound advice.  He was my ‘work Dad’, nothing was ever too much trouble for him and he was never too busy to give me his time and advice.”
“For any young lawyer wanting a masterclass in client care, listening to Jonathan speaking with and supporting his clients was all the training one would need. His genuine care for his clients and his authenticity was obvious to anyone who spent any length of time with him.”
“Simply put, Jonathan was one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and his passing is a huge loss, not only to Minster Law, but to the wider profession. For those of us who were lucky enough to have been able to call him a friend, we will all remember his infectious smile and wonderful sense of humour.”
Jonathan was a widely respected figure throughout the personal injury industry from Counsel to business partners to opponent law firms and the many charities he supported, such as Headway and the Spinal Injuries Association.
Jonathan was also a deeply devoted family man, and our most heartfelt condolences are with his wife Dianna and his two beautiful children, Ted and Lexi, at the most difficult and saddest of times.
Jonathan’s funeral will take place on Thursday 9th February and a charitable donation link has been set up for Saint Michael’s Hospice and All Saints’ Church for anyone wishing to pay their respects.”