Damages for pain and suffering: The legal principles and their practical implications: Webinar 12th April 2023

On the 12th April 2023 I am presenting a webinar on “Damages for pain and suffering”. Looking, in a detailed way at the practical issues that a litigator has to consider when dealing with awards for pain and suffering.  The webinar also looks at recent cases in relation to multiple injuries and the awards for image based abuse.  Booking details are available here. 


A detailed understanding of the law of personal injury damages is essential to anyone involved in this type of litigation.  This webinar looks at the basic elements of  the law on damages for pain and suffering.  It then goes on to consider the practical implications of this for lawyers when presenting a claim for damages, instructing an expert and preparing a witness statement.


  • What is an “injury”?
  • What is a claimant being compensated for?
  • What factors affect the award for pain and suffering?
  • Does the age of the claimant matter?
  • Does the wealth of the claimant matter?
  • Does it matter where the claimant lives?
  • What factors make the courts award higher damages?
  • What factors make the courts award lower damages?
  • How important are the Judicial College guidelines?
  • When, and why, does a judge go outside the guidelines?
  • What does the Court do if the claimant has suffered several injuries.
  • What if there are pre-existing conditions and health problems.
  • The practical significance of the law of damages in the investigation and quantification of personal injury damage


The webinar also:

  • Looks at the court’s approach to multiple injuries when there a whiplash tariff award combined with another injury, following the Court of Appeal decision in Hassam & Anor v Rabot & Anor [2023] EWCA Civ 19.
  • Looks at damages for image based abuse (so called “revenge porn”) and FGX v Gaunt [2023] EWHC 419 (KB)