In March and April 2024 I am presenting four webinars which take practitioners through the major issues relating to law and procedure in Fatal Accident Act claims.  All of those who subscribe to the webinars will receive comprehensive questionnaires for the client, and the lawyer, which deal with most of the essential elements of a fatal claim.



Understanding the law relating to fatal accidents: The essential points 25th March 2024

This webinar takes you through the essential elements you have to consider before you can advise whether a claim for fatal accident damages can be brought.  Booking details are available here.

It covers:-

  • The basic principles of fatal claims
  • When can a fatal accident claim be brought?
  • Who is eligible to bring a claim?
  • Who is a dependant?
  • The type of financial dependency that entitles a party to claim
  • The difference between a Fatal Accident Act claim and a claim on behalf of the estate


Preparing a schedule in a fatal claim  – 4th April 2024

Booking details are available here.

This webinar looks at the essential elements of a claim for damages in fatal accident litigation, considering all the information necessary to draft a credible schedule in support covering:

  • Basic principles of the dependency calculation
  • Claims for financial dependency
  • Loss of a carer – the growing importance of claims for non-financial dependency
  • Multipliers and periods of loss in fatal cases
  • Bereavement damages
  • Claiming injuries and losses of the deceased person prior to death
  • Matters that are disregarded – the significance of Section 4 of the Fatal Accidents Act


Fatal accident claims: Ensuring everything goes right –  11th April 2024

This webinar is designed to bring you fully up to date with fatal accidents law.  Booking details are available here. 

This webinar, presented by Gordon Exall, looks at the potential problem areas of fatal accident litigation and considers how best to avoid them including:

  • Limitation in fatal cases
  • Matters that can bar a fatal accident claim
  • Procedural matters on the issue of proceedings
  • Witness statements and evidence in fatal cases
  • Examples of professional negligence claims in fatal cases and how to avoid those pitfall

The key cases in fatal accident damages – 19th April 2024

Booking details are available here. 

The means of assessment of fatal accident damages is not set out in the Fatal Accident Act, but is set out in a series of cases.

Proper representation of a claimant depends on the lawyer knowing, in some detail, how the courts approach fatal accidents dependency.

This webinar looks at the key cases on the assessment of dependency claims and covers:

  • Financial dependency
  • Loss of a carer
  • Loss of a partner
  • Will the courts award damages for dependency following loss of a child?
  • The type of evidence needed
  • Section 4 and what matters are ignored.