Priority courts and tribunals start from Monday 30 March 2020

The Government has sent out a press release stating that some courts remain open.  (To see the courts click on the Courts and Tribunals Track Checker at the bottom of the release).

“Network of priority courts will remain open during the coronavirus pandemic to make sure the justice system continues to operate effectively.

The work of courts and tribunals will be consolidated into fewer buildings, maintaining the safety of all in the courts and in line with public health advice.

There will be 157 priority court and tribunal buildings open for essential face-to-face hearings from tomorrow (Monday 30 March 2020). Check which buildings are:

‪ Open for essential face-to-face hearings

‪ Staffed by key workers but not open to public

‪ Suspended and temporarily closed

Check which courts are open before you travel:

Courts and Tribunals tracker page and list”