The next to join our club is Senior Associate at Stewarts Law  Lucy Mills.  Lucy is working from home, in a desk on a landing, with two boys aged 3 and 5 in the house.  Like so many people she has had the experience of her children having a walk in role in a work video call.

1.    Where are you working from now?


My home in West Yorkshire – I have a desk area upstairs on the landing (which is great because it’s lovely and light, but not so great because it doesn’t have a door I can shut!).


2.    What has been most difficult about working remotely?


The lack of face to face contact. I genuinely love my team and I miss them all. We’re pretty good at keeping in touch via video call, but with the best will in the world it’s just not the same as being together in our busy office.


3.    What has been your biggest technical challenge?


Working from home (and relying on computers alone) for such a long period is a huge technical challenge for me. I’m a bit of a technophobe. I know of lots of people who have a “paperless practice” (and did so even before COVID-19) – I work better with paper. I’m finding it really hard navigating everything electronically rather than in hard copy.


4.    Is there anything (work wise) that you wish you had with you?


One of my firm’s industrial printers – my little inkjet printer can’t keep up with all the printing I want to do!


5.    What has been the most helpful thing you’ve learned?


That people are more understanding than you think. I’ve found it quite hard to juggle childcare and work, but so many people are in the same boat and have been very understanding about my kids appearing in the background of a video call! This definitely takes the pressure off when you’re working from home with kids.


6.    Do you think this is going to change the way you work in the future?


I can definitely see more of my meetings happening via video call rather than in person, or even by telephone conference. Video calling is something I’ve rarely used before but is actually a very handy tool.


7.    What is the first thing you are going to do when you are out of lockdown?


I’m going to take my boys out somewhere fun – at 5 and 3, they’re too young to understand what’s happening or why they’re cooped up inside, so they’ll deserve a day out somewhere when this is all over.