It is important for the future of the club that we encourage young members and are aware of the difficulties that they are going through at the moment. For that reason I invited law student Sasha Beaumont-Hughes to become a member. Sasha is a graduate of York University and is currently studying for the LPC at BPP in Leeds. Like a lot of students, I suspect, a big motive in moving home for the “duration” was to spend time with the family dog…

Where are you working from now?

At my parent’s house in Northumberland – the garden was the deciding factor in my decision as to where I should spend lockdown.

What has been most difficult about working remotely?

The LPC course at BPP is heavily centred around group learning, so going from learning in a very interactive environment to one where it is just me and my laptop has been difficult. Not having anyone next to you to discuss activities as you work through them has definitely made the learning process harder.

What has been your biggest technical challenge? 

My exams will now take place online so I have had to get to grips with the software and new e-proctoring processes that this involves. Also getting to know the ins and outs of Microsoft Teams.

Is there anything (work wise) that you wish you had with you?

I am really missing the library printer. After using the very temperamental printer we have at home, I realise I took it for granted!

What has been the most helpful thing you’ve learned?

Surprisingly, I have learned to love running. The thought of a run used to make me feel slightly queasy but now I have found that it is a great way to switch off for a short while and then come back to work with more focus – miracles can happen.


Do you think this is going to change the way you work in the future? 

Before the outbreak law firms were slowly moving towards more flexible working. Now, I think it has been made clear that working from home is possible for most and I think this will encourage flexible working policies to be more readily implemented in the future.

What is the first thing you are going to do when you are out of lockdown?

I can’t wait to see my friends once lockdown is over and have belated celebrations either for the results we have received in lockdown, for finishing the LPC or for receiving our overall LPC results – depending on when this is!